Kay G Hampton

10 Facts About Me!

I have been on this planet for just over half a century. That's a VERY l-o-n-g time!

My first pet was a gerbil (not quite a mouse, like Bounty, but close enough for me).

My favourite dog is a German Shepherd and I have owned four of them. One was a rescue dog called Buster!

I like lots of foods beginning with 'p' - popcorn, pancakes, peanut butter, pasta, pizza, peppers, and pineapple - but not all mixed together!

I like the smell of cut grass, fresh bread, old fashioned roses, and the sea.

My favourite sounds are waves crashing, clocks chiming, and birds singing.

I've never met a burglar, and I don't really want to meet one, but I love stories about good guys, and bad guys, and finding out who wins.

My grandfather was a policeman, but he had a truncheon, not a dog!

I like comedy films and action adventures.

I love cycling in the countryside, exploring cities, and walking on the beach.